Toronto Salutes Dante

Commemorating the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, Toronto Salutes Dante features more than thirty Canada-based guests who read Dante’s Inferno in various languages, several for the first time. In addition to ten different Italian dialects, there are represented American Sign Language, Anishinaabemowin, Arabic, Bulgarian, English, Farsi, French, German, Latin, Mandarin, Portuguese, Québécois, Russian, Sanskrit, Slovak, Spanish, Stoney Nakoda, Swedish, Thai, and Ukrainian. In 15-minute clips, well-known personalities of Canadian public and cultural life, professors, and students at the University of Toronto, and members of the Italo-Canadian community share their voices and fresh memories of the most important Italian author in world literature. Listen to Dante’s Inferno as you have never heard it before on the Department of Italian Studies’ YouTube channel from March 25th to June 2021. 

From an original idea of Elisa Brilli, George Ferzoco, and Nicholas Terpstra, and thanks to the invaluable work of Alice Martignoni and Nattapol Ruangsri (Research Assistants). Sponsored by the Department of Italian Studies, the Emilio Goggio Chair in Italian Studies at the University of Toronto, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Toronto, and Villa Charities. 

Video: Inferno 1 (Anishinaabemowin & English)

Text: PDF iconInferno I in Italian, English, and Anishinaabemowin - lines 1-30 (PDF)

Video: Inferno 2 (Latin)

Text: PDF iconInferno II in Italian, English, and Latin (PDF)

Video: Inferno 3 (Abruzzese)

Text: PDF iconInferno III in Italian, English, and Abruzzese (PDF)

Video: Inferno 4 (Swedish)

Text: PDF iconInferno IV in Italian, English, and Swedish (PDF)

Video: Inferno 5 (Portuguese)

Text: PDF iconInferno V in Italian, English, and Portuguese (PDF)

Video: Inferno 6 (Chinese)

Text: PDF iconInferno VI in Chinese (PDF)

Video: Inferno 7 (Italian)

Text: PDF iconInferno VII in Italian (PDF)

Video: Inferno 8 (Ukrainian)

Text: PDF iconInferno VIII in Ukrainian (PDF)

Video: Inferno 9 (Triestino)

Text: PDF iconInferno IV in Triestino (PDF)

Video: Inferno 10 (Italian)

Text: PDF iconInferno X in Italian (PDF)

Video: Inferno 11 (Italian)

Text: PDF iconInferno XI in Italian (PDF)

Video: Inferno 12 (Italian)

Text: PDF iconInferno XII in Italian (PDF)

Video: Inferno 13 (Genovese)

Text: PDF iconInferno XIII in Genovese (PDF)

Video: Inferno 14 (Russian)

Text: PDF iconInferno XIV in Russian (PDF)

Video: Inferno 15 (Calabrese)

Text: PDF iconInferno XV in Calabrese (PDF)

Video: Inferno 16 (German)

Text: PDF iconInferno XVI in German (PDF)

Video: Inferno 17 (Siciliano)

Text: PDF iconInferno XVII in Siciliano (PDF)

Video: Inferno 18 (Slovak)

Text: PDF iconInferno XVIII in Slovak (PDF)