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Florence, Italy


Views of the Duomo: Photo by M. Jamali

The Department of Language Studies offers the Study in Florence Program as a unique experience that allows you to be a student in Florence, Italy, while simultaneously obtaining up to 2.0 University of Toronto credits. Taught in tandem by University of Toronto professors and their experienced colleague from the Accademia Fiorentina di Lingua e Cultura Italiana, it combines the academic integrity and quality of the University of Toronto education with the power of complete immersion in Italian. To be eligible, you must be a U of T undergraduate student and have taken and passed at least the ITA100Y Italian for Beginners course.

From May to June, let the Historic Centre of Florence serve as a backdrop to your studies where you will learn and live like a local Florentine student.

The courses in Florence are offered by U of T- Mississauga. The program can be tailored to meet your specific academic needs. 

Select from any or all courses listed:

  • ITA201Y- Continuing Italian
  • H courses in Italian culture or literature (up to 1.0 FCE)
  • Independent Study



Experiential Learning Component

A wide range of guided activities and excursions will allow you to interact with Italian culture and language in a way that fosters fluency and reinforces learning. Students will be required to speak, read and write only in Italian for the duration of the program.


In an ever-changing marketplace where global fluency is a valuable asset, your education will reflect your ability to adapt in an international environment.

Financial Assistance

Scholarships are available. Contact the program to find out how you may be able to study and live abroad for no more than the cost of your tuition.


Students have the option to share an apartment with other students. It would be each student's responsibility to locate apartment housing. Prices vary depending upon the size and the number of bedrooms (700-1500 Euros per month). The program is able to provide some guidance, if required.


Students can choose to be included on the group flight or are free to make their own flight arrangements.


Visit the Florence program's application website.

* Students interested in studying abroad are required to complete the University of Toronto's Safety Abroad's pre-departure workshop. To register for the online workshop, please visit the Safety Abroad Online Workshop registration page. 

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. Photo credit M Jamali; Design by G. Lisena
Photo credit M Jamali; Design by G. Lisena