Toronto Italian Comics Studies

Toronto Italian Comics Studies (TICS) is a study group that aims to encourage and expand the debate on Italian comics at the international level. Too often Italian comics production has been overlooked outside of Italy, limiting the academic debate. The recent expansion of the comics market, and the international success of Italian comic artists, call for a scientific and theoretical approach to a field that is still largely unexplored. TICS wants to raise awareness of the vast and multifaceted production of Italian comics as well as of the re-adaptation of foreign comics to the Italian cultural context.  Its scope is to promote and advance research relating to all aspects of comics studies in the Italian context, including but not limited to practice of translation, comics production, consumption, and adaptation, with an emphasis on a transnational approach.

TICS is the recipient of the 2022-23 Goggio Working Groups grant.

For more information, contact:

Group Leader: Manuela Di Franco

Research Assistant: Alessio Aletta

Members: Gianmarco Bocchi, Marco Ceravolo, Rachel Grasso, Eloisa Morra, Angelica Pesarini, Franco Pierno, Luca Somigli, Alberto Zambenedetti

PDF iconCall for Papers (PDF) • 7-8 May 2024 online conference • 

America on Our Pages: Italian Comics and the Myth of America