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The Graduate Department of Italian Studies offers instruction leading to two degrees: Master of Arts (M.A.) (one-year program); Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., four-year program). The M.A. program consists of 4.5 graduate courses and does include a thesis option.  The Ph.D. program includes courses, general examinations, and a thesis. 

Programs in Italian were announced in the calendar of Upper Canada Academy (the forerunner of Victoria College, University of Toronto) in 1840 and were then formally introduced at the University of Toronto in 1853.  In 1929 the first M.A. in Italian Studies was awarded and in 1932 the first Ph.D. for a thesis on the Italian Theatre of the Renaissance.  The first person to earn both graduate degrees was Beatrice M. Corrigan, who became a renowned scholar and a professor in the Department. 

Program Overview

The Master of Arts program offers advanced education in all areas of Italian literature and provides training in research techniques.

The Doctor of Philosophy program prepares students for a career in teaching and scholarship. Graduates are expected to have acquired autonomy in conducting research, preparing scholarly publications, teaching undergraduate courses in all areas of Italian studies, and in designing and teaching graduate courses in their fields of specialization. The program is designed to provide a broad knowledge of the discipline, specialized knowledge of a single field, and training in all aspects of scholarly research in the discipline.

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