Tuition & Funding

Tuition and Funding for M.A. – 2021-2022 Academic Year

Duration of funding 0.5 year
Base funding for domestic students in 2021-2022 $13,267.50 [$9,250+ $4017.50 (tuition fee)] 
Base funding for international students in 2021-2022 $23,618 [$9,250 + $14,368 (tuition fee + UHIP fees)]


Departmental Funding Practice

The Department of Italian Studies offers the A&S base funding package to MA Students at 50% (half a year). We include the TA maximum of $3948 in the base funding and offer top-ups, above-base, in the form of awards and fellowships. Students can also apply for additional TA positions.

More information on Graduate Funding: