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Event title of Creative Spaces Queer and Italian Canadian in white on black with colour graphic background.
A painting in colour of The Young Cicero reading, c. 1464, by Vincenzo Foppa
Black and white photo of Stefano Serafini
A detail of the painting Lucia and Trastullo featuring Lelia disguised as Fabio in The Deceived (Gli'Ingannati, 1532).
book cover of The Rise of the Diva on the Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell’Arte Stage
Book cover of "Italian Neorealism: A Cultural History" by Charles Leavitt
photo of book page with drawing and Italian text from Virgil and Dante in hell (illumination, 14th century)
book cover of The Fake Husband by Rosalind Kerr
Ghirlandaio, capella sassetti03700
Colour photo of Massimo Vedovelli