Undergraduate Students

American comic book cover of Flash Gordon portraying the hero held by his love interest, Dale Arden, and his acquaintance Dr. Zarkov.
One black and white image of the Toronto Purchase of 1805. Two colour photos of street signage for Davenport Road and College Street.
A woodcut of Dante and Beatrice ascending to Paradise
Headshot of George Ferzoco looking slightly away from camera
A photo of a mosaic at the Cathedral of San Panfilo in Sulmona (province of L’Aquila, region of Abruzzo), Italy, portraying St Peter Celestine and Pope Benedict XVI.
A photo of a medieval mural in Massa Marittima (province of Grosseto, region of Tuscany), Italy. Its main feature is a tree, some birds, and some women. The tree is laden with male genitalia.
The image shows doubt as a young man walking in the dark holding a stick and a lantern, symbols of experience and reason.
An image