Undergraduate Students

Colour headshot photo of Luigi Cepparrone.
black and white photo of Porpora Marcasciano wearing sunglasses right hand on street pole and Vittorio Martone leaning on same street pole, both in side profile on a street in Rome during the shooting of the documentary “Porpora"
From a manuscript preserved in the Royal Library of Turin, a gold colour drop capital T with scene of Pope Pius II in blue with green headdress seated between two cardinals in red dress and hat, receiving bowed people. City with towers in the background.
Colour animation drawn image. A group of 25 smiling people with rainbow flags and like-coloured accessories including a "Love is Love" sign.
3/4 angled black and white headshot of Marise Ferro looking towards their right side.
Book cover of Primo Levi's "Storie naturali". Abstract in style, the print shows lines, dots, angled and arched shapes in black, white, green, pink, yellow, blue; and a human profile silhouette with a profile of a crow’s head in the place of the eye.
Colour image of the first edition of the Corriere dei Piccoli. December 27, 1908
Colour painting of Elisabetta Sirani, Timoclea uccide il capo dei Traci, 1659, olio su tela (Napoli, Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte)